Welcome to the writing side of my world. Corn Hollow, my new African American fictitious novel, speaks boldly of the beautiful and horrible encounters of the protagonist, Tamara, while on her quest for an answer. Her journey as a growing youngster in a family that thought differently than she and her older sister, created lots of upheaval. This, combined with the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement in America, exposed several encounters of injustices; of race and gender, incest and poverty, alcoholism and prostitution.

There was only one force strong enough to unlock all of the disruptions in this rural community. Please patiently read Corn Hollow. Allow yourself to dwell with the characters’ feelings that are often expressed through unorthodox grammar, dialect and diction. Find out about a power so strong that it could break through hell and pinpoint one’s center, not to mention answers.

An African American Historical Fiction. Excellent for Young Adults (especially high school age) and other adults. Readers discover a never-ending story of growing up in the agrarian South during the Civil Rights era. Due to the intense topics presented- abortion, incest, prostitution, violent acts and rape, parental discretion is advised for the middle grade reader.


Published by Purple Feather Press

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Read Corn Hollow because:

1) Corn Hollow can help you become more assertive toward overcoming difficult situations

2) It can help teens and adults to gain coping strength when under tremendous stress

3) Young adults gain a heightened sense of responsibility to keep moving forward with their quest of ideals

4) Young adults also become aware of the need to make this a better world that is equitable to everyone

5) Corn Hollow is a reminder that there is still positive social justice work to be done in some communities dealing with current violent events