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Titles per Year: 3 to 4
Distributors: Ingram
Website: www.lavernemcleod.com; Purple Feather Press page
Genres Published: Fiction (includes YA and Historical); Non-Fiction
Book Types: Chapter books, Photography collections
Format: Paperback, Hardcover, E-book
Submissions: Not accepting at this time (3 books in process).
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Purple Feather Press is a small independent press with the goal of publishing three to four titles annually. It is not associated with major publishing house conglomerates. It is our hope to attract major publishing houses, thus merging to a larger reading audience. As a developing business, Purple Feather Press is currently building a reputation for itself.

Open to various genres, we turn a fully written manuscript into Print format (either paperback, hardcover or ready for e-book pub distribution.

Founded in 2016, Purple Feather Press is a Creative Arts, sole proprietorship business owned by LaVerne McLeod of Big Sur Enterprises.

Purple Feather Press is proud to announce the publishing of its first book, Corn Hollow, an historical fictitious novel written by LaVerne McLeod:


Published by Purple Feather Press

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Corn Hollow: This African American fictitious novel, speaks boldly of the beautiful and horrible encounters of the protagonist, Tamara, while on her quest for an answer. Her journey as a growing youngster in a family that thought differently than she and her older sister, created lots of upheaval. This, combined with the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement in America, exposed several encounters of injustices; of race and gender, incest and poverty, alcoholism and prostitution.

There was only one force strong enough to unlock all of the disruptions in this rural community. Please patiently read Corn Hollow. Allow yourself to dwell with the characters’ feelings that are often expressed through unorthodox grammar, dialect and diction. Find out about a power so strong that it could break through hell and pinpoint one’s center, not to mention answers.

A great YA (Young Adult) fiction where readers discover a never-experienced story of growing up in the agrarian South during the Civil Rights era. Corn Hollow is also an excellent novel for adults as it may uplift them from guilt of a past era.


BBE Workshop masthead- small copy WORKSHOP PROGRAM PUBLICATION

As mentioned above, Purple Feather Press has published Corn Hollow, an African American fiction, taking place in the South during the rise of the Civil Rights Movement in America.  After giving dramatic author presentations of the novel, the author created (BBE) Bridge Building to Equity workshops, a Purple Feather Press workshop program publication. BBE deals with exploring tools to help dissolve discriminations of all kind- racial, workplace, gender, sexual orientation, persons with disabilities and other differences as well as religious and age discrimination. The workshops answer the call to “what’s next?” after reading Corn Hollow. The BBE workshop program publication will be used by the author to facilitate and eventually train apprentices who can later become ambassador employees to “spread the word. The publication is not available for purchase.


15665644_10207714427049045_7905132961879366837_n  featuring woodworking by Ken McLeod

Another publication of Purple Feather Press falls into the non-availability for purchase. It is Ken McLeod Big Sur Woodworker, A Photographic Memoir. Due to request of privacy from the home owners, mostly in Big Sur where Ken McLeod designed and built their interior furnishings and other items made from a variety of woods, this book is basically a memoir for family and friends to view.